The Department of Energy awarded up to $24.9 million in research funds Oct. 31 for low-head hydropower, in-stream hydrokinetics, and river-current and wave energy technologies.

Among the funding awards were:

  • Percheron Power of Kennewick, Wash., to develop a helical fish-passage module to pass fish upstream and downstream of low-head hydropower plants.
  • Natel Energy of Alameda, Calif., to design a "fish-friendly, horizontal-axial flow" low-head generation unit.
  • CalWave Power Technologies of Berkeley, Calif., to develop a "submerged pressure differential" wave-energy converter with up to 45 kW of capacity.
  • The University of Washington, to oversee testing infrastructure upgrades at marine-energy research centers, including the Pacific center jointly operated by UW, Oregon State University and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.