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California Trout and Trout Unlimited are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review an appeals court ruling which found states waive their authority to issue water quality certifications on federal projects after one year, even if the application is withdrawn and later resubmitted.

FERC made an "early action" determination on Aug. 9 for Chelan County PUD's Rock Island hydroelectric project in Washington state, the first such finding made under 2018 legislation aimed at spurring investments in hydro projects.

FERC on Aug. 13 terminated Okanogan County PUD’s operating license for construction of the 9 MW Enloe hydroelectric project in Washington, after the PUD failed to begin construction by the July 9, 2019, statutory deadline.

After revising cost estimates, beefing up financial assurances, getting extensions from funding sources and changing its timeline, the Klamath River Renewal Corporation is again asking FERC to transfer the license for four lower Klamath River Dams so that the process to remove them can move …

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Idaho Power received water quality ­certifications from the states of Idaho and Oregon in its quest to ­relicense the Hells Canyon Complex, a step that the ­company is calling “a huge milestone” toward earning a new license to operate the three hydroelectric projects on the Snake River.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit struck down a common practice in hydroelectric dam ­relicensing—the annual submitting and withdrawing of water quality certification applications in order to avoid a Clean Water Act rule that gives states one year to ­complete the process, or wa…

A top Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ­official approved Klamath River Renewal Corp.’s request to develop a “Plan B” for additional funding in case the cost of ­removing four dams and restoring the lower Klamath River exceeds the $450 million committed to the project.