The National Hydropower Association on May 6 sent congressional leaders a package of tax and spending proposals for inclusion in economic stimulus legislation.

The group asked for extension of water-power production and investment tax credits, as well as extended tax credit safe-harbor rules. In addition, NHA called on lawmakers to make energy storage eligible for the investment tax credit.

NHA asked lawmakers to authorize grants in lieu of tax credits, which a summary of the group's proposal said "would allow investor-owned utilities, independent power producers, as well as public-power entities to receive the benefit of the credits up front."

The hydro industry has joined the wind and solar industries in pressing for extended safe-harbor rules so that projects delayed by pandemic-related supply and workforce disruptions can still qualify for tax credits.

In a letter to congressional leaders, NHA CEO Malcolm Woolf also proposed $1.5 billion for modernizing hydropower facilities, marine-energy demonstration projects, and workforce development and job training.

"As Congress works to stabilize and mitigate the negative impacts of the crisis, it is critical that the U.S. hydropower industry receives equal treatment with other clean-energy technologies both in terms of tax provisions as well as any potential infrastructure stimulus package," Woolf wrote.