PacifiCorp released a request for proposals on July 7 seeking 4.3 GW of renewable energy and battery storage, the largest RFP in the utility's history. While the RFP seeks resources for the near term—1,823 MW of solar, 595 MW of battery storage and 1,920 MW of wind operational by the end of … Read More

When the Bonneville Power Administration asked Energy Northwest on May 19 to reduce the output of its 1,207 MW Columbia Generating Station in southeastern Washington to 65 percent, and to return the nuclear plant to full output on May 25, it was the first time this had happened under a new f… Read More

The cost of monitoring, analyzing and reporting under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency for eight dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers would create significant financial impacts to BPA and the region's electric custom… Read More

Hydroelectric dams have so far caused the largest increases in water temperatures in the lower Snake River and the U.S. portion of the Columbia River, but the water can already exceed temperature standards when it enters Washington state, according to a newly released analysis by the Environ… Read More

Fish biologists who had asked for operation changes at Little Goose Dam to coax a few thousand adult spring Chinook to continue their journey up the Snake River discovered the situation had largely resolved itself by June 8, thanks to lower flows and a market for hydropower. Read More