Despite population declines over the past five years, the overall status of the 13 runs of Columbia Basin salmon and steelhead listed under the Endangered Species Act has "probably not changed in most cases," a NOAA Fisheries scientist told the Northwest Power and Conservation Council Jan. 13. Read more

The Environmental Protection Agency says that in addition to protecting and restoring 12 primary cold water refuge tributaries to the Columbia River, more cold water from the Umatilla River is needed to provide sufficient cool-water resting spots for migrating adult salmon and steelhead in t… Read more

Surplus summer Chinook salmon that traveled more than 500 river miles up the Columbia River to Wells Hatchery have continued migration after being trucked upstream and released in several locations above Chief Joseph and Grand Coulee dams by the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservatio… Read more

On Jan. 13, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council reelected Richard Devlin, an Oregon member, as chairman, and Bo Downen, a Montana member, as vice chairman for 2021. Guy Norman, a Washington member, stepped down as chairman of the Council's Fish and Wildlife Committee, but remains on… Read more