The cost of monitoring, analyzing and reporting that would be required under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency for eight dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers would create significant financial impact to Bonneville Pow… Read more

As water temperatures throughout the Columbia Basin continue to warm as a result of climate change, cold water refuges will become more important to the survival of some salmon and steelhead runs, an Environmental Protection Agency official told a Northwest Power and Conservation Council com… Read more

Tom Karier is a professor of economics at Eastern Washington University and the author of "Intellectual Capital." He was a Washington state representative on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council for 20 years and worked on treaty issues for Washington governors from 2012 to 2018. The … Read more

Fish biologists who had asked for operation changes at Little Goose Dam to coax a few thousand adult spring Chinook to continue their journey up the Snake River discovered the situation had largely resolved itself by June 8, thanks to lower flows and a market for hydropower. Read more

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council named Bill Edmonds as its new executive director, effective Aug. 17, the agency said in a June 26 news release. He will replace Steve Crow, who will retire in August after serving 25 years in the position. Read more

The United States and Canada completed a tenth round of negotiations on the Columbia River Treaty by videoconference on June 29 and 30. "During this round, Canada responded to a framework proposal previously tabled by the United States and presented a Canadian-developed proposal," a news rel… Read more