Judges for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had plenty of questions for an Environmental Protection Agency attorney arguing to overturn a lower court decision requiring EPA to make plans for resolving water temperature problems in the lower Snake and Columbia rivers. Read more

As record numbers of shad continue to migrate up the Snake and Columbia rivers, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council decided it’s time to look into the ecological impacts of having millions of additional fish in the Columbia Basin. Read more

The Yurok Tribe and two fishing organizations have asked a federal judge to reject the 2019 biological opinion for Klamath Project operations and send it back to the National Marine Fisheries Service to do-over. Read more

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission says the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife needs an additional $50.5 million to meet operating costs, capital needs and new responsibilities in 2020—which include recent state and federal laws enacted to promote salmon recovery—and approved m… Read more

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has recommended the Bonneville Power Administration continue funding 48 projects in its Fish and Wildlife Program that the Independent Scientific Review Panel reviewed. Read more

Along with dozens of letters urging the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to grant the Klamath River Renewal Corp. a license transfer—a necessary step to facilitate the removal of four dams on the Klamath River—a few groups and individuals are urging the agency to reject the transfer. Read more