In two months, one collaborative process focused on building healthy and harvestable salmon and steelhead runs in Idaho will conclude its work, just as a new collaborative process with a similar goal for the entire region—currently known as the Four State Agreement—prepares to ramp up. Read more

Environmentalists and the hydropower industry will work together to address the impacts of climate change by promoting the renewable energy and storage benefits of hydropower and the environmental and economic benefits of healthy rivers, according to a deal brokered by Stanford University. Read more

In a future vision of the Columbia River, 8 million adult salmon and steelhead will be produced, 2.85 million of them will return to spawn, and three-quarters of those will head to natural spawning grounds in rivers and streams while the rest go to hatcheries across the vast basin. Read more

The Northwest Power andConservation Council approved findings on recommendations and responses to comments on Part I of its 2020 Addendum to the 2014 Fish and Wildlife Program on Oct. 12. "This is the formal conclusion of the amendment process, which began in 2018," the NWPCC's general couns… Read more