Climate change, invasive species, the Columbia River Treaty, salmon reintroduction, and how hydropower fits into a clean energy future. These were some of the main topics explored at the International Columbia Basin Transboundary Conference in Kimberley, B.C., Sept. 12-14. Read more

Should citizens in Canada and the U.S. establish an International River Basin Organization and use it to replace or enhance the Columbia River Treaty process? The idea was presented, debated and then discussed in small groups as the last session of Columbia Basin Transboundary Conference in … Read more

While various attempts to reduce avian predation on young Columbia River salmon and steelhead have been successful, some of the predatory birds have simply moved to new—and potentially more damaging—locations in the estuary, a lead researcher told the Northwest Power and Conservation Council… Read more

The Washington State Department of Ecology says it plans to adopt a final rule in December after reviewing comments on its proposal to permanently increase total dissolved gas (TDG) limits in the Snake and Columbia rivers to 125 percent during spring spill season, from April 3 to June 20. Th… Read more

A new marine heat wave that’s nearly as big and as warm as the infamous "Blob" that lingered off the Pacific Coast five years ago formed off the coast of Washington this summer, and it has scientists more than a little concerned. Read more

Although NOAA Fisheries’ annual memo on the survival rates of juvenile salmon and steelhead migrating through the Snake and Columbia river dams this year is still preliminary, some members of the Columbia River Technical Management Team (TMT) want to know whether the data will be used to exa… Read more

The first complete map of tidal wetlands that once made up vast portions of the Pacific coast’s estuaries shows 85 percent of the areas from California to Washington have been lost to development and farmland, and also confirmed the Columbia River’s tidal wetlands are only a quarter of the s… Read more

Three environmental groups whose lawsuit prompted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and National Marine Fisheries Service to reinitiate Endangered Species Act consultations for the Willamette Valley Project are now asking a federal judge to grant their original claims for relief in a summary … Read more

Four consulting firms have been hired by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s office to gather views on whether removing the lower Snake River dams could recover Chinook populations vital to southern resident killer whales, and to put together a draft report by December. Read more