The signing of a joint record of decision for the Columbia River System Operations EIS on Sept. 28 concluded the four-year process to analyze removing the four lower Snake River dams and decide how best to operate 14 hydroelectric projects in the Columbia River system. Read more

New allocations for sharing harvestable Chinook salmon between commercial and recreational fishing, and allowing commercial fishing companies to use gillnets are two of the most controversial changes to the new Columbia River Salmon Fishery Management Policy, adopted in a 5-4 vote by the Was… Read more

A recommendation to add $3.7 million to existing projects in the Bonneville Power Administration-funded Fish and Wildlife Program in fiscal year 2021 led to discussions at a Sept. 15 Northwest Power and Conservation Council committee meeting of a possible showdown with BPA over who has power… Read more

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council approved an annual draft report to Congress for fiscal year 2020 and released it for public comment Sept. 16. The report reviews this year's major accomplishments, including the Council's completion of the 2020 Addendum to the Fish and Wildlife Pr… Read more