As a journalist, it's very disheartening to see how science gets misreported or misrepresented—or just plain missed—when national media jumps in to cover a complicated issue, like the reasons for low salmon and steelhead returns to the Snake River. Disheartening because these are the folks a… Read more

There are enough pockets of cold water on the Columbia River to provide migrating adult salmon and steelhead a temporary reprieve when the lower Columbia River gets uncomfortably warm, an Environmental Protection Agency study found. But these areas of cooler water likely will not be enough t… Read more

Extraordinary returns of naturally spawning Snake River steelhead five years ago followed by steady declines and a dismal run this year triggered an "early warning indicator" that is prompting federal agencies to take formal steps to determine if "rapid response actions" should be taken to a… Read more

Eight months after returning from a monthlong international voyage to catch and analyze salmon in the North Pacific Ocean's high seas, the involved scientists recently received results from genetic tests to show where the roughly 400 salmon they caught originated. Read more

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has unveiled a new educational tool on its website designed to keep people informed about its Fish and Wildlife Program, and progress on mitigating for fish losses from the Federal Columbia River Power System. Read more