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NWF.386/Oct. 2, 2018
Columbia Basin Hatcheries Gear Up for 3 Million More Smolts
Plans to release 3 million additional hatchery-raised smolts into the Columbia River Basin are raising questions about the impacts increased hatchery production could have on recovering wild stocks. ...more
New 10-Year Pacific Salmon Treaty Awaits Approval
Reduced catch for Endangered Species Act (ESA)-listed Chinook salmon in the Pacific Northwest is being promoted as one of the most important changes in the proposed new 10-year Pacific Salmon Treaty, which was approved by an international commission and is now awaiting approval by the United States and Canada. ...more
Advice to Orca Taskforce Includes Raising Dissolved Gas Levels
With more than 50 potential recommendations in hand, the Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery and Task Force will try to focus in on actions that can be accomplished in the first year, and that will have the biggest impact on helping to save a dwindling population of orcas. ...more
Orca Taskforce Listens to Pros, Cons on Dam Removal
If Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's orca taskforce was looking for a simple answer to the question of whether removing four lower Snake River dams would effectively provide more prey for southern resident killer whales, they didn't get it on Sept. 27, after a two-hour webinar on the topic. ...more
Experts Examine Snake River Temperatures to Help Fish
With the dog days of summer behind us, water temperatures throughout the Columbia River Basin are beginning to drop, bringing relief to migrating salmon and steelhead that rely on cool water for their survival. ...more
Funding Losses Threaten Caspian Tern Predation Control
A Bonneville Power Administration-supported project to lure Caspian terns away from the Columbia River estuary to reduce predation on salmon and steelhead smolts has been largely successful, but may stall if its funding continues to fall, the project's lead researcher told the Northwest Power and Conservation Council on Sept. 11. ...more
Draft Fish Accords Draw Wide Range of Comments
Tribes, agencies, organizations and individuals offered some praise for fish restoration work done under the Columbia Basin Fish Accords, which expire at the end of September, but they also found plenty to criticize in the Bonneville Power Administration's proposal to extend the agreements for four more years. ...more
Group Notifies PUDs of Intent to Sue Over Oil Spilling
The nonprofit organization Columbia Riverkeeper has sent notices to Chelan, Douglas and Grant county PUDs, warning of its intention to file a lawsuit against them for failing to get permits that would account for leaking oil at their mid-Columbia River dams. ...more
PUD Proposes to Fund Conservation Instead of Fish Passage
The Pend Oreille County PUD Commissioners announced a proposal to amend its Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license for Box Canyon Dam on Sept. 25, and, according to a notice in the Newport Miner, intends to take action on the plan on Oct. 2. ...more
Negotiators Visit Portland for Town Hall on Columbia River Treaty
Benefits provided by hydropower took at back seat to concerns about flood control, ecosystem functions and tribal rights during an hour-long comment period on the Columbia River Treaty modernization in front of the U.S. Department of State's chief negotiator Jill Smail and other federal officials on Sept. 6. ...more
Economic Benefits of Hydropower Praised at U.S. House Hearing
Two weekend gatherings--one pushing for removal of the lower Snake River dams and the other celebrating them--culminated on Sept. 10 with a Congressional hearing in Pasco, Wash., that focused on the economic benefits of the Federal Columbia River Power System. ...more
Oregon DEQ Issues Certification For Klamath Dam Removal
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a final water quality certification for the removal of J.C. Boyle Dam in Oregon, finding that dismantling the dam on the Klamath River will improve water quality in the long run. The Klamath River Renewal Corp. (KRRC), which expects to decommission four dams on the Klamath River--including three more in California--called the certification a "major milestone." ...more
Power Council Releases Draft Annual Report to Congress
A draft report from the Northwest Power and Conservation Council to Congress describes Fiscal Year 2018 as "turbulent." ...more
Oregon Group Releases First Report on Ocean Acidification
The group working to create an action plan for the Oregon Legislature on ocean acidification and hypoxia released its first biennual report since being formed last year. ...more

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