As the seasons change, we are thrilled to share with you change of our own.

The big takeaway: We're embracing the digital era to serve you better.

We've launched a modern and engaging new website ( and will begin delivering online newsletters—with the same valuable content in a dynamic new format—to make it easy for our subscribers to use the comprehensive energy news/information services of NewsData and our publications.

This is an exciting moment. We think this new digital approach will improve your user experience and enable us to build on our foundation as a trusted regional energy news source since 1982. Indeed, this is among the biggest milestones in our company's 37-year history.

The changes mean convenient subscriber access to our news and information, on any device, at any time (along with continuing printable issues). These new digital tools also enable us to tell and share stories in fresh ways, and provide data to help guide our decision-making on editorial content. And it expands opportunities for connections with our subscribers—engagement journalism at its best.

About This Digital Transition

When will you see the format change? The newsletters will be available online to subscribers, beginning with issues published Friday, Sept. 20.

That includes our flagship publications—Clearing Up and California Energy Markets—along with Water Power West, NW Fishletter and Western Price Survey.

 CU and CEM will continue to publish each Friday, along with an enhanced ability to share breaking news online during the week. Our other newsletters will also keep their publication cycles (bimonthly for WPW, monthly for NW Fishletter and weekly for Western Price Survey).

For the near future, during the transition period, CU and CEM subscribers will have access to PDF versions of each issue as well as the digital newsletter. Although we intend to phase out the PDFs, we will continue to offer printable versions of both newsletters.

All subscribers will continue to receive email notifications when the latest issue is available. The content, as is the case now, will generally be accessible only for subscribers.

How to Access Digital Content

What do you as a subscriber need to do to access our digital content? Complete a straightforward registration process on our website, for which we will send instructions via email starting Sept. 18. Once you are registered in our system, you will enjoy full access to all digital content your subscription allows.

NewsData Website Features

We encourage you to check out the NewsData website and its many features.

One prominent new piece is a searchable archive of past issues. We continue to add previous issues to the archive, and moving forward, will incorporate every newly published issue.

The website—with a snazzy new design and much-improved functionality—also includes an About Us section; our continuing Jobs Portal for energy-related positions; an Events section; posted episodes of our Substation Northwest and Substation California podcasts; and links to our Twitter accounts.

Also on the website are functions to pay bills and manage your subscription account.

What about nonsubscribers? The NewsData website allows nonsubscribers to request trial samples of our newsletters.

New Digital Era, Same Mission

As we embark on this new age, we remain committed to our longtime role as an independent energy journalism enterprise, focused on covering the Western U.S. electric and natural gas industries.

Our mission, as outlined in our internal editorial guide, is the same: "We report useful and relevant industry news of all manner, intended to inform, enlighten and occasionally entertain our clients. We are not an energy-industry adversary, nor its good and faithful servant. We seek to reflect the community as objectively as possible."

Special Thanks

Thanks to our parent company, Pioneer Utility Resources, for resources (including consultants), project management and guidance with this digital transition. Special thanks to CEO Michael Shepard, project manager Matthew Pierce (Pioneer director of finance and administration) and Editor Leon Espinoza.

Thanks also to our NewsData team for their time, effort, creativity and diligence in bringing this project to fruition. Special shoutouts to Information Systems Director Daniel Sackett, Production Coordinator Amber Schwanke and Client Services Director John Malinowski for their above-and-beyond contributions.

Finally, thanks to the "beta testers" who previewed our new website and offered valuable feedback (you know who you are).

Welcome to the NewsData digital era, and please feel free to share with me any comments and/or questions:; 206-285-4848 x. 204.

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