We are excited to announce an upcoming conference exploring two emerging issues for the regional energy community.

"Electrification and Natural Gas Decarbonization: Opportunities and Challenges for the Northwest Utility Industry" is set for Tuesday, Oct. 22, in downtown Seattle. We (NewsData) are co-presenting the event with Charlie Black of CJB Energy Economics.

Our intent is to provide timely, objective and useful information on:

  • Options for electrification and natural gas decarbonization;
  • Potential impacts on greenhouse gas emissions, electricity consumption and utility systems;
  • Emerging technologies;
  • Case studies;
  • Utility policies and strategies.

As electrification and gas decarbonization gain currency as part of the larger movement toward lower-carbon energy, this conference is designed to give attendees a deeper understanding of these topics, their implications and potential paths forward.

The day begins with an opening speaker, to be announced soon, discussing the outlook and relevance for electrification and gas decarbonization, setting the stage for the topics and the day's dialogue.

Next comes a panel exploring greenhouse gas-emitting energy-use candidates for electrification, specifically transportation, buildings and industrial processes.

Decarbonization options for natural gas utilities follows, with speakers discussing biofuels and energy efficiency.

The next three panels leading into lunch focus on prospective impacts.

First is an exploration of potential effects on regional GHG emissions of both electrification and gas decarbonization.

Then we will have a presentation on potential impacts of electrification on regional electric loads, particularly the magnitudes, shapes and controllability.

The final morning panel will feature speakers on utility-system impacts from three vantage points: energy resources, transmission systems and distribution systems.

After lunch, the conference resumes with a "tech talk" panel on emerging capabilities for integrating decarbonized energy: electric vehicles and hydrogen production/uses.

This will be followed by a series of case studies on electrification and gas decarbonization, featuring transportation, buildings, industrial processes and natural gas.

The day concludes with a "thinking forward" session on utility policies and strategies for electrification and gas decarbonization.

The event will take place at the Crowne Plaza Seattle Downtown hotel, and includes lunch for attendees.

For more details on the conference, including registration and fees, please visit the website: decarb.eventbrite.com

For more information and/or questions, please contact me (marko@newsdata.com; 206-285-4848 x. 204) or Charlie Black (cjbenergy@msn.com; 425-765-3321).

We look forward to seeing you Oct. 22 in Seattle for an informative and enlightening day on electrification and natural gas decarbonization.

Thanks for your consideration.