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In this second part of a two-part series, guest columnist Roger Gray, president/CEO of PNGC Power, offers suggestions to help the region address grid-reliability issues and transition to a 21st century power system. The first column focused on identifying and outlining his grid-reliability concerns.

"Electrification and Natural Gas Decarbonization: Opportunities and Challenges for the Northwest Utility Industry," co-presented by CJB Energy Economics and NewsData, is coming to Seattle Oct. 22. We invite you to attend and deepen your understanding of these topics, their implications and potential paths forward.

In this first of a two-part series, guest columnist Roger Gray, president and CEO of PNGC Power, writes that the Northwest faces a grid-reliability problem as the nature of resources shifts from largely controllable thermal plants and hydropower to variable renewables such as wind and solar. "Put simply, we need a 21st century set of grid and market tools to deliver a 21st century regional power portfolio reliably and cost-effectively," according to Gray.

If land, sea, air and space are the four traditional theaters of warfare, then cyberspace is the fifth. As described by a new book with the title “The Fifth Domain,” and as detailed in intelligence reports, the U.S. electricity grid is a prime battlefield in that new theater of operations.

SUMMARY: A peek at energy innovations came at two late June gatherings, one in Portland, the other in Seattle. Together, they underscored the evolutionary trends toward a more decarbonized, distributed and digital energy future, along with increasing flexibility and customer choice.

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