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The Columbia Basin Collaborative will have its first meeting on Nov. 30, when representatives on the integration-recommendations group will meet for a day-long virtual session. The newly formed group involves state, federal, tribal and stakeholder representation with a purpose of developing … Read More

Western natural gas prices lost value across the board, with all but two hubs deflating beneath the $5/MMBtu mark. Prices have been rocked by volatility in recent weeks, with reduced demand thanks to cooler weather and supply constraints influencing California prices. Read More

For your convenience, NewsData has compiled a list of the acronyms we utilize throughout the Clearing Up publication. Read more

Preliminary estimates of survival of wild juvenile salmon and steelhead from the Snake River were so low this year that despite a high degree of uncertainty in the estimates, fish managers should be talking about potential causes of the mortality, NOAA Fisheries representative Claire McGrath… Read More

Electric power groups hailed the newly passed $1 trillion infrastructure legislation, pointing to billions of dollars in funding to upgrade the grid, electrify transportation and develop technologies for decarbonizing the electric power system, while Western lawmakers pointed to the bill's f… Read More