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Puget Sound Energy and parent company Puget Energy have named Jean-Paul Marmoreo to their boards. He represents the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System, which owns 23.9 percent of the utility. OMERS was previously represented by Kenton Bradbury, who resigned from the companies' boa… Read More

The Pacific Northwest experienced an extreme heat dome in late June and early July, which, among other consequences, tested the region's electric system. For the most part, regional utilities kept the power flowing to customers through the extreme warmth, despite some on-the-edge conditions.… Read More

For your convenience, NewsData has compiled a list of the acronyms we utilize throughout the Clearing Up publication. Read more

The U.S. Department of Energy granted a request by California's grid operator to issue an emergency order by Sept. 10 to preserve grid reliability and allow more than 200 MW of additional capacity onto the grid for 60 days. The request came during a week when calls to conserve electricity we… Read More

As more than 1,000 steelhead continue to cross Bonneville Dam daily, the U.S. v. Oregon Technical Advisory Committee—which predicts Columbia Basin salmon runs—made another upward adjustment in its forecast for this year's A-index returns on Sept. 7. Read More

EPA is proposing to add Bradford Island, located within the Bonneville Dam complex, to its National Priorities List for clean up of toxic chemicals. Also known as Superfund sites, the list includes the nation's most serious contamination problems, making them eligible to receive federal fund… Read More

Congressional committees worked the week of Sept. 7 to flesh out a $3.5 trillion budget bill to advance the Biden administration's climate, health and education priorities. Meanwhile, the White House announced President Joe Biden's plan to nominate D.C. Public Service Commission Chairman Wil… Read More