Starting in 2021, NorthWestern Energy plans by 2030 to replace 30 percent of its cars and light trucks with battery electric vehicles and plug-in electric hybrids, 20 percent of its new medium and heavy-duty vehicles, 30 percent of its new bucket trucks, and all new forklifts. NWE currently … Read More

For your convenience, NewsData has compiled a list of the acronyms we utilize throughout the Clearing Up Publication. Read more

The future of the Colstrip coal-fired plant in Montana may have gotten a little darker, after Puget Sound Energy and NorthWestern Energy mutually agreed to terminate a deal that would have allowed NorthWestern to acquire PSE's shares of Unit 4, along with PSE's interest in the Colstrip trans… Read More

In two months, one collaborative process focused on building healthy and harvestable salmon and steelhead runs in Idaho will conclude its work, just as a new collaborative process with a similar goal for the entire region—currently known as the Four State Agreement—prepares to ramp up. Read More

Portland General Electric on Oct. 30 reported a net loss of $17 million, or 19 cents per diluted share, for third quarter of 2020—a dramatic downturn from the $55 million in net income, or 61 cents per diluted share, the utility reported for third quarter 2019. Read More

Sharply different energy policy futures for the U.S. are at stake in the Nov. 3 election. The contest for the nation's highest office between President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, is a contest between two dramatically different directions for … Read More