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Come to GridFWD 2020, a virtual event on grid modernization with dozens of sessions scheduled from Oct 6 to Oct 15. Participate in Interactive group sessions led by energy industry leaders across three themes: Resilient Systems, Adaptable Models, Empowered People. Sit in on live podcast reco… Read more

Join NWHA and NHA for a virtual workshop that focuses on a cross-section of topics relevant to the the hydropower industry in the Northwest. Topics this fall include national and regional hot topics, legislative updates, tools to communicate around hydropower and energy imbalance markets upd… Read more

For your convenience, NewsData has compiled a list of the acronyms we utilize throughout the Clearing Up Publication. Read more

Fleets of new renewable resources, fewer thermal-fired resources and California's voracious energy demand will drive midday prices on the Mid-Columbia spot market into negative territory by 2041, according to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's preliminary price forecast for its 2… Read More

Joe Biden vowed to "deal with climate change," describing "clean energy" as "an enormous economic opportunity" in his Aug. 20 speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination. Meanwhile, six automakers on Aug. 17 finalized agreements to meet California tailpipe greenhouse gas emission… Read More