Flathead Electric Cooperative's board of trustees voted April 22 to hold rate revenue steady for the second consecutive year, and instead approved a revenue-neutral change to the residential rate through a decrease in the energy charge and an increase in the demand charge. Read More

FERC staff recommended, in an environmental assessment issued April 28, granting a new 50-year license to PacifiCorp's 3.9 MW Weber hydroelectric project located near Bountiful, Utah. The original license ran from 1938 to 1970, then the facility operated for the next 20 years under annual li… Read More

In the recently released draft EIS for the Columbia River hydropower system, federal agencies supported a different underlying science for their preferred alternative. This abrupt change highlights the need for independent science to help identify the best strategy to recover endangered fish… Read More

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Come to GridFWD 2020, a virtual event on grid modernization with dozens of sessions scheduled from Oct 6 to Oct 15. Participate in Interactive group sessions led by energy industry leaders across three themes: Resilient Systems, Adaptable Models, Empowered People. Sit in on live podcast reco… Read more

Join NWHA and NHA for a virtual workshop that focuses on a cross-section of topics relevant to the the hydropower industry in the Northwest. Topics this fall include national and regional hot topics, legislative updates, tools to communicate around hydropower and energy imbalance markets upd… Read more

For your convenience, NewsData has compiled a list of the acronyms we utilize throughout the Clearing Up Publication. Read more

Congressional Republican and Democratic leaders were far apart the week of April 27 on proposals for legislation to give financial relief to state and local governments losing revenues in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, a NERC report identified no reliability risks from … Read More