PacifiCorp's October announcement that it wants to retire the Jim Bridger 1 coal plant in 2023, five years earlier than previously planned, pushed the likelihood of a major blackout in the Northwest in 2026 from 17 percent to 26 percent, or more than a one-in-four chance, according to the No… Read More

Idaho Power plans to drop its lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency by Dec. 9 now that the federal agency has approved the State of Idaho's 2012 request to increase maximum water temperature criteria in a stretch of the Snake River below Hells Canyon Dam for two weeks each fall. Read More

Maia Bellon, director of the Washington Department of Ecology for seven years and a state employee for 25 years, is stepping down from the post at the end of this year. Bellon said in a statement she plans to take some time off and then use her law degree to begin a private practice focusing… Read More

The debate over lower Snake River dam removal is often framed as a tug-of-war between the perceived environmental benefits to salmon, steelhead and other aquatic life and the economic detriments to farmers, hydroelectric generation, a barging industry and the communities they support. Read More

Just before retiring in November, Debbie Bone-Harris, senior public affairs manager for Franklin County PUD, told Clearing Up about a growing concern by public-power utilities across Washington over the prospect of removing four lower Snake River dams. She provided resolutions adopted by boa… Read More

A federal trade court on Dec. 5 issued a preliminary injunction blocking the Trump administration's withdrawal of a tariff exemption for imported bifacial solar-photovoltaic panels. Meanwhile, a solar industry group issued a report estimating tariffs have resulted in 10.5 GW of "lost solar d… Read More