BPA on Oct. 3 made its 36th consecutive U.S. Treasury payment as its fiscal year starts, on time and in full, the agency reported. This year's $1.06 billion payment includes $734 million in principal and $232 million in interest. The remaining $97 million includes assistance BPA provides to … Read More

The first of October marked the beginning of a new water year that is kicking off with "significantly more" in storage than in the prior year, according to the California Department of Water Resources. Read More

For your convenience, NewsData has compiled a list of the acronyms we utilize throughout the Clearing Up publication. Read more

After tracking contaminants flowing into the U.S. from coal mining operations in southeast British Columbia for years, the Environmental Protection Agency has released results of its most recent study showing that selenium levels in some mountain whitefish and their eggs are exceeding its re… Read More