Former Montana PSC member and Western EIM board member Travis Kavulla has joined NRG as its new VP for regulatory affairs. Prior to joining NRG, Kavulla oversaw energy and environmental policy for the R Street Institute, a conservative think tank. Read More

Michael Linn has joined the Public Power Council as its senior policy analyst. He spent the last eight years in the commercial business group of BPA's transmission organization. Read More

In this second part of a two-part series, guest columnist Roger Gray, president/CEO of PNGC Power, offers suggestions to help the region address grid-reliability issues and transition to a 21st century power system. The first column focused on identifying and outlining his grid-reliability concerns. Read More

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For your convenience, NewsData has compiled a list of the acronyms we utilize throughout the Clearing Up Publication. Read more

A new marine heat wave that’s nearly as big and as warm as the infamous "Blob" that lingered off the Pacific Coast five years ago formed off the coast of Washington this summer, and it has scientists more than a little concerned. Read More

The Department of Energy on Sept. 5 took action to loosen efficiency standards. Meanwhile, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce urged the Trump administration and California to negotiate a compromise on tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions and fuel-economy standards. Read More