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[CEM 1501 / August 17, 2018]

Deadline Closing In for Legislature to Pass Grid-Regionalization Bill

The California Legislature has just two weeks to iron out a thorny set of issues in AB 813, a bill that would regionalize the California Independent System Operator into a multistate entity. The bill is in the Senate Rules Committee, which could amend it, hold it, or send it to the Senate floor. A large coalition of public-interest advocates, agricultural groups and California cities oppose regionalization.

Legislative Conference Committee Looks at Ways to Reduce Wildfire Fuel

In its fourth hearing, the legislative conference committee tackling key wildfire questions facing California fielded input on ways to reduce the amount of dead trees and scrub fueling deadly blazes, with prescribed-burning approaches gaining favor. The committee’s Aug. 14 hearing focused on fuel reduction, vegetation management and firefighting costs. Opposing views surfaced on California’s biomass policy and the efficacy of burning waste biomass for energy.

CPUC Issues Alternate PCIA Decision

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The California Public Utilities Commission has issued a second proposal to reform the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment that if approved would assuage some of the concerns of investor-owned utilities. One of the key differences in the alternate decision compared with the commission’s initial proposed decision is the inclusion of pre-2002 utility-owned generation resources in the PCIA. The first proposed decision opted to exclude those costs.

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