We want to hear from you on energy issues and to share your thoughts with our readership.

California Energy Markets has launched a new section for reader comments, called Voices From Behind the Meter. Our goal is to facilitate energy dialogue.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Submissions are welcome from any California Energy Markets subscriber.
  • Letters need to address topics relevant to the regional energy community served by California Energy Markets; be factually verifiable; and signed with full name, organization and contact info (no anonymous submissions). They can respond to coverage in CEM, but can also focus on other regional energy issues.
  • Please make your comments civil and constructive. Personal attacks, libelous statements and commercial promotions are not allowed.
  • Word limit is 400 words. We will consider longer pieces for a guest column, under these same guidelines.
  • Letters may be edited for grammar and conformance with California Energy Markets style.
  • California Energy Markets editors will decide each letter's suitability for posting, based on these guidelines.

Comments will be posted on the California Energy Markets digital site, which is open to all subscribers (with a simple one-time registration process).

Please email your comments to: cemeditor@newsdata.com.

For questions or more information about this feature, please contact Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Mark Ohrenschall: marko@newsdata.com; (206) 351-3717.

We look forward to hearing from you!