Ms. Sawyer,

I just read your article about reliability issues in California as the state tries to decarbonize. Good job without the political spin that so many similar articles seem to have. One point, though: I read the recent SB 100 report and, seriously, saying the SB 100 goals are achievable without any meaningful backup or commenting clearly on the astounding buildout needed is just plain misleading.

I deal in the real world and we've helped clients dismantle and sell off gas-fired peakers because the market is so broken in California that they can't make any money in the midst of blackouts. That is an important reason the state has a reliability problem. The CPUC was asleep to the implications of load shift to CCAs and CAISO can't make an adequate reliability market for the fifth-largest economy on earth (California). That is the story I work in.

Jeff Bodington
Bodington & Company