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The California Energy Commission has proposed spending $24 million on an assortment of natural gas research projects in the coming year, some of which would develop carbon-capture equipment for industrial plants in the state that use high-heat processes.

Southern California Edison on April 5 urged the California Public Utilities Commission to deny a request to rehear an "emergency capacity" decision that opponents say contains legal errors and opens "a significant loophole" for long-term fossil fuel generation contracts without a finding of …

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California's grid operator urged state regulators to secure 10 GW of new electric capacity within a few years to make up for the retirement of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, while others are raising the alarm that retiring the units will lead to a sharp increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

Prohibited energy resources, such as large diesel generators, are now eligible to make potentially millions of dollars for their operators by generating electricity on hot days throughout California, even in the state's poorest and most polluted neighborhoods, energy officials decided this week.

Stakeholders in California's net-energy metering regulations seem to agree that reform is needed, nonparticipants should not subsidize NEM, and low-income residents need opportunities to participate in renewable-energy programs—but they differ on how to achieve those goals.

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Fields of solar panels and battery storage units will dominate California's energy scene through 2045, while firm zero-carbon energy resources, such as hydropower, geothermal and nuclear, will see little to no growth, according to a major report issued this week by the state's energy agencies.

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California energy regulators are proposing to require investor-owned utilities to procure more "emergency" electricity generation capacity for this summer, despite environmental and social concerns about potentially signing long-term contracts with natural gas generators.

Demand-response programs in California can be "complicated" and "confusing," but they could play an important role in ensuring that electric-vehicle loads do not further stress the power grid during peak demand times, industry professionals said at a March 9 workshop.

The California Public Utilities Commission is pressing Southern California Edison on its public-safety power shut-off program, which has resulted in "shortcomings" for utility customers with certain medical needs, CPUC President Marybel Batjer said this week.

California might not meet its 2030 greenhouse gas emissions goals, according to a new report from the state auditor that took the California Air Resources Board to task over its emissions measurements. CARB responded by saying the state could still hit its targets, and that following the rec…

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California's highest-ranking energy officials are pondering solutions to the state's rising natural gas and electricity bills, which could force more utility customers into one of two categories: those who can comfortably afford their electricity and heat and those who will struggle to find …

The California Public Utilities Commission is seeking comment on a proposal to require load-serving entities to procure 7,500 MW by the end of 2025, partly to make up for the retirement of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant.

The California Energy Commission on Feb. 19 held a public scoping meeting to address residents' concerns regarding a 99-MW backup diesel-fueled power plant in San Jose that workshop participants said could increase air pollution in nearby disadvantaged neighborhoods and harm golden eagle habitat.

The California Energy Commission on Feb. 25 held the state's first "Lithium Valley" commission meeting to push forward extraction of the precious metal from the Salton Sea. California plans to produce lithium in-state, thereby creating clean-energy jobs, securing supply chains and manufactur…

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Six months after rolling blackouts spread across California, the California Public Utilities Commission on Feb. 11 ordered large investor-owned utilities to procure additional electric generation capacity, despite alarm from experts in the proceeding, who called the decision "flawed" and "suspect."

The California Public Utilities Commission this week pushed forward an environmental- and social-justice action plan that is meant to allow people from the state's poorest and most polluted communities help mold the commission's decisions.

Pacific Gas & Electric proposed 12 new safety metrics as part of the utility's post-bankruptcy operation, but experts warned that there can be "great pressure" to manipulate metrics in order to make safety progress look better than it really is.

The president of the California Public Utilities Commission this week chastised Southern California Edison representatives over the company's public-safety power shut-off program, saying its customer-notification system is "contradictory" and "confusing."

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Investor-owned utilities in California must amend their electric rules in order to install microgrids at certain facilities in the state, such as shipping ports, to help keep those facilities energized during grid outages, the California Public Utilities Commission ordered on Jan. 14.

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The president of California's utility commission directed certain investor-owned utilities in the state to seek additional power capacity before next summer, despite a cacophony of concerns regarding the true need for more capacity in the Golden State.

The California Public Utilities Commission issued a proposed decision denying a Public Advocates Office request to compel San Diego Gas & Electric to distribute its annual natural gas credits to customers in their July 2020 bills rather than in April 2021.

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The California Air Resources Board is searching for alternative fuel types that could replace a proposed backup diesel generation facility at a future data center in San Jose, but the facility's representatives told CARB that its customers, including companies like Zoom, would not utilize a …