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One option to support grid reliability in the coming years is expanding natural gas-fired power plant capacity, while a portion of the state's planned battery energy storage buildout could be deferred to reduce costs, a report from California Public Utilities Commission staff said this month.

Electricity grid officials in California are requesting an increase in the state's planning reserve margin from 15 percent to at least 17.5 percent, but some utilities and community choice aggregators are opposing the request, saying it is too late to add new resources using an increased res…

The California Energy Commission on Sept. 30 ratified a $950,000 grant agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense to study whether new transmission infrastructure and wind turbines offshore of Northern California could interfere with the DOD’s military operations in the region.

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The California Public Utilities Commission is proposing to apply a heavy load of new and revised safety metrics to certain investor-owned utilities in the state after years of deadly wildfires and natural gas pipeline ruptures.

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Sept. 15 granted a limited waiver request submitted by the California Independent System Operator to install two 30-MW modular natural gas-fired generators in Yuba City to help the state meet demand on hot days this summer and fall.

California is learning a great deal about the challenges of electric-vehicle adoption among its disadvantaged populations as a study related to the state's Clean Transportation Program Investment Plan for 2021 to 2023 is two months away from being reviewed by the California Energy Commission.

California's "tree-shaking" machines could have their diesel engines converted to hybrid compressed natural gas and electric engines, but orchard workers would need better access to natural gas refueling infrastructure, engineers told the California Energy Commission in a research report thi…

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The U.S. Department of Energy granted a request by California's grid operator to issue an emergency order by Sept. 10 to preserve grid reliability, in a week during which calls to conserve electricity were issued in the Golden State, Nevada and Arizona.

Natural gas utilities and advocates are turning to the courts in an effort to maintain a presence in California's building and transportation spheres as the state marches toward its zero-emissions target of 2045, although one legal effort was recently withdrawn.

A mounting number of motions to produce evidence, including appearances by witnesses, are miring the California Public Utilities Commission's investigation into a major gas leak at Southern California Gas Co.'s Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility about six years ago, based on a recent …

Leadership of the Western Energy Imbalance Market on Sept. 8 approved a new category of EIM market participant known as a "sub-entity," a measure that is necessary to implement Public Service Company of Colorado's entry into the EIM.

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California's investor-owned utilities and community choice aggregators are striving to meet state targets for procuring goods and services from so-called diverse firms, but are hamstrung in procuring energy from these types of businesses because there are so few eligible companies with which…

Southern California Edison's electric infrastructure caused more fire ignitions in 2020 than in prior years, but those ignitions resulted in fewer structures and acres burned, utility leaders told the California Public Utilities Commission at an Aug. 26 public workshop.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management will auction off 32 parcels in Nevada totaling roughly 83,544 acres in a virtual competitive geothermal lease sale Oct. 5.

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After two years of effort, lawsuits and public workshops, energy officials in California this week approved a "landmark" building energy-efficiency code revision that is perhaps the "most significant" in the California Energy Commission's history, CEC Chair David Hochschild said during an Au…

The California Public Utilities Commission on Aug. 5 approved a process to select an independent safety monitor that will check in on Pacific Gas & Electric's highest-risk activities and document-management processes.