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The Bonneville Power Administration has adopted two proposed updates to the method it uses for long-term hydropower generation planning, a development generally well received by its customers as an appropriate step for addressing issues with the previous method.

As utilities and power producers across the West consider two competing day-ahead market proposals, the Public Power Council says any market must preserve Bonneville Power Administration preference customers' access to federally marketed cost-based power. PPC's members make up the vast major…

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Fifteen Western utilities say they will work with the Southwest Power Pool over the next year to develop its Markets+ proposal, but won't join the day-ahead or real-time organized market platforms proposed by either SPP or the California Independent System Operator before seeing meaty propos…

PacifiCorp has selected Dave Johnston Unit 4 and Jim Bridger units 3 and 4 as the best candidates in its Wyoming coal fleet for retrofitting with carbon capture, utilization and storage technology, according to a March 31 filing to the Wyoming Public Service Commission.

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The Bonneville Power Administration is delaying its entry into the California Independent System Operator's Western Energy Imbalance Market to give BPA more time to complete upgrading and testing of its computer systems.

The Bonneville Power Administration is pulling out of the ownership agreement for the 500-kV Boardman to Hemingway transmission line through eastern Oregon, ceding its 24-percent stake to Idaho Power, which would give that utility a 45-percent share. PacifiCorp remains the majority owner wit…

The Bonneville Power Administration's announcement Sept. 27 that it plans to join the Western Energy Imbalance Market in March 2022, and will be keeping a close eye on other developing wholesale markets around the West, marked a historic shift for the once market-averse Pacific Northwest.

Wildfires directly or indirectly took Bonneville Power Administration transmission lines out of service 30 times this summer, BPA Vice President of Transmission System Operations Michelle Cathcart told the Northwest Power and Conservation Council at its Sept. 15 meeting.

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The Bonneville Power Administration has reaffirmed its internal analysis showing the benefits of joining the Western Energy Imbalance Market in March 2022, and is now asking for public comment on joining the real-time market.

Scientists who study Pacific salmon abundance and the influence of pink salmon runs on the ocean's food web say 2020's record-low catch and abundance of the five major salmon species in the North Pacific Ocean could signal the beginning of a new reality caused by a warming ocean, which gener…

Forty-two percent of Snake River basin spring-summer Chinook populations have reached quasi-extinction thresholds, according to a study by Nez Perce Tribe scientists, who say if adult returns continue to decline at 19 percent per year, 77 percent of the populations will reach the threshold by 2025.

The Bonneville Power Administration will conduct a public meeting April 14 to discuss a wide-ranging call by customers to engage in a settlement of its BP-22 power and transmission rate case.

Energy Northwest and X-energy will support the development of an 80-MW advanced nuclear reactor on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in eastern Washington, with the aim of bringing it on line by 2027, under a memorandum of understanding signed April 1.

Northwest rivers in 2019 were about as low as they've been in any year since 2001, and while low-water years create problems, they paradoxically reveal a clear trend that carbon dioxide emissions in the region are decreasing, according to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.

A group of homeowners in Northern California and southern Oregon have filed a lawsuit alleging that the Slater Fire was the result of PacifiCorp failing to maintain its transmission and distribution lines and to de-energize its system as conditions worsened.

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In a harshly worded statement issued Dec. 22, Washington Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell criticized the U.S. Department of Energy's lack of consultation with them on candidates to fill the administrator vacancy at the Bonneville Power Administration, and described one of the candidates…

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PacifiCorp would transfer the operating licenses of four hydroelectric projects on the lower Klamath River to the states of Oregon and California, along with the Klamath River Renewal Corporation, but would continue to pay nearly half the costs of removing the dams, according to a deal annou…

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Environmental groups and the hydroelectric power industry will work together to address the impacts of climate change by promoting the renewable-energy and storage benefits of hydropower and the environmental and economic benefits of healthy rivers, according to a deal brokered by Stanford U…

Frank Wolak, director of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development at Stanford University, joined Paul Dockery of Clatskanie PUD for the third installation of our "Electric Market Enthusiasm" series. The conversation uses his work on "Long-Term Resource Adequacy in Wholesale Electricity Markets with Significant Intermittent Renewables" and the Energy Market Game to discuss export curtailment, the reliability externality and electric market design elements. Read more