The California Independent System Operator on July 1 launched its new reliability coordinator service, RC West, becoming the official reliability coordinator for 16 balancing authorities and transmission operators in California and Mexico.

CAISO in January 2018 announced it would seek certification as a reliability coordinator after Peak Reliability announced it would try to develop a Western electricity market (see CEM No. 1527 [6]). The July 1 transfer begins the full transition from Peak to CAISO, and Peak is due to shut its doors at the end of the year.

RC West officially took over services for balancing authorities and transmission for the majority of California and one entity in Mexico, Centro Nacional de Control de Energía.

“This represents more than a year and a half of hard work and coordination on the part of our staff and the entities agreeing to take services from the ISO,” CAISO CEO Steve Berberich said in a written statement. “We not only recognize the importance of this new role, but the confidence that these entities have placed in us.”

CAISO anticipates that by November it will become the RC for another 23 entities in the Western Interconnection and will eventually oversee 87 percent of the load of the western United States. This requires certification from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and the Western Electricity Coordinating Council.

The ISO has successfully conducted shadow operations with Peak since May 1, it said.