We invite you to explore our revamped website and its online digital content for California Energy Markets and other newsletters.

Some of you have already, and we encourage all of you to take advantage of this dynamic new service, which is part of your NewsData subscription (i.e., no additional cost). And please share this with your colleagues.

We officially launched this digital transformation in mid-September (see CEM No. 1556). Our intent is to improve your user experience, notably including convenient access to our news and information, on any device, at any time (along with continuing availability of printable PDF newsletter issues). 

This digital platform also benefits you by enabling us to build on our foundation as a trusted regional energy news source since 1982, and to tell and share stories in fresh ways. And, it expands opportunities to connect with our subscribers.

As a central feature, our flagship publications—Clearing Up and California Energy Markets—along with Water Power West, NW Fishletter and Western Price Survey, are now available online to subscribers through a standard web browser, along with the aforementioned printable versions.

 All our newsletters continue to be published on their regular cycles: CU, CEM and Western Price Survey every Friday, Water Power West bimonthly and NW Fishletter monthly. Breaking news alerts are added online as warranted.

In addition, each digital newsletter site has online searchable archives of prior issues, which we consider a value-added service to help you find stories and topics from the recent past.

All subscribers continue to receive email notices when the latest issue is available.

How to Access Digital Content

To access our digital content, all you need to do is complete a straightforward registration process on our website (www.newsdata.com). Sign-in instructions are also available via a brief online tutorial.

Once you are registered in our system, you will enjoy full access to all the digital content your subscription allows.

NewsData Website Features

In addition to the digital newsletter content, we recommend you check out the enhanced NewsData website and its many other features.

With a snazzy new design and much-improved functionality, the website includes an About Us section; our ongoing Jobs Portal for energy-related positions; an Events section; episodes of our Substation Northwest and Substation California podcasts; and links to our Twitter accounts.

Also on the website are functions to pay for and manage your subscription.

The NewsData website allows nonsubscribers to request trial samples of our newsletters. Again . . . please pass the word to your colleagues who aren't (yet) subscribers!

Thanks, and a Short Story

As we noted when we unveiled our digital transformation in mid-September, many thanks are due for making it happen.

Thanks to our parent company, Pioneer Utility Resources, for resources (including consultants), project management and guidance with this digital transition. Special thanks to CEO Michael Shepard, project manager Matthew Pierce (Pioneer director of finance and administration) and Editor Leon Espinoza.

Thanks also to our NewsData team for their time, effort, creativity and diligence in bringing this project to fruition. Special shoutouts to Information Systems Director Daniel Sackett, Production Coordinator Amber Schwanke and Client Services Director John Malinowski for their above-and-beyond contributions.

Finally, thanks to the "beta testers" who previewed our new website and offered valuable feedback (you know who you are).

A short story to close.

In my first professional journalism job, in a small western Colorado town, we wrote stories on a manual typewriter with carbon paper and literally handed copies to the editor (let's just say this was sometime in the latter 20th century).

In my early career, we used work-related technologies including clunky personal computers, floppy disks, X-acto knives (to cut and paste copy onto a page sheet), chemical-laden darkrooms and fax machines, plus the old (and current) staples of pens and notebooks.

Later came the internet, email, increasingly better laptop and desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones, bringing rapidly evolving capabilities to access and share information unimaginable when I started in journalism.

The other day, riding the bus home from work, I pulled out my phone and read the latest issue of Clearing Up. The ease and simplicity were palpable . . . and I'm a devoted reader on paper. The phrase "old dogs, new tricks" came to mind, as did the thought that we are living in a golden era of information technology. I do not yearn to return to typewriters.

So . . . please check out our digital content, and please feel free to share with me any comments and/or questions: marko@newsdata.com; 206-285-4848 ext. 204.