A subsidiary of Germany-based Munich Re is acquiring a 50-percent interest in two of EDF Renewables North America's California solar projects, the companies said in a Sept. 14 news release. The interests are in the under-construction Maverick 6, a 131-MW DC solar system coupled with a 50-MW/… Read More

A few weeks before the fire started, I stood under a dead evergreen tree that leaned toward the power line in my backyard. The tree looked as if it was tired; as if it was ready to find its final resting place below at any moment. Still majestic, the evergreen stood quietly among dead and li… Read More

Scott Coe—a public-power leader who started under the Greatest Generation, rose to leadership among boomers, and has led organizations with boomers, millennials and maybe even zoomers—joins Matthew Schroettnig. Read more

The House Energy and Commerce Committee on Sept. 14 reported out legislation that would establish the Clean Electricity Performance Program to prod utilities to increase the amount of low- and zero-carbon generating resources in their portfolios. Read More