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A self-described grassroots coalition of 347 organizations on Sept. 3 sent an open letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom and the California Public Utilities Commission, asking that the state focus on keeping solar energy affordable. Net-energy metering changes are being considered; however, the group … Read More

It's a handful of years from now, and things are going well for you. Years of intensive labor at your beloved vocation, with all the sacrifices that entails, are paying off. The financials at your independent business are great, despite the economic and social ravages of the COVID-19 pandemi… Read More

A mounting number of motions to produce evidence, including appearances by witnesses, are miring the California Public Utilities Commission's investigation into a major gas leak at Southern California Gas Co.'s Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility about six years ago, based on a recent … Read More

The trustee of a fund set up for people who lost their homes or suffered other damages from wildfires caused by Pacific Gas & Electric infrastructure offered a grim assessment of the situation, noting that the fund is $2.5 billion lower than was promised at the close of the company’s ban… Read More

The Arizona Corporation Commission gave the go-ahead for the state's largest utility to expand and adjust transmission and distribution assets to serve a new industrial customer, and also paved the way for further industrial development related to electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle manu… Read More