The chemical makeup of energy storage batteries worldwide is moving from lithium-manganese-cobalt oxide to lithium-iron-phosphate, or LFP, which is poised to have a 30-percent global market share by 2030, up from 10 percent in 2015, according to Wood Mackenzie analysts. Batteries in conventi… Read More

The future of a proposed lithium and boron mining project in Nevada has been thrown into question due to the presence at the project site of a rare species of buckwheat that environmental groups say should be protected under state and federal law. Ioneer USA, the project's developer, maintai… Read More

Uncertainty at the federal, state and climate levels will likely define energy policy and procurement in the coming years, especially in Southwestern states facing political and climate upheaval, new technologies and the impact of sweeping new laws passed in 2019, panelists at Law Seminars I… Read More