The Boulder, Colorado City Council on Aug. 4 discussed the first reading of a motion that would establish a franchise agreement with Xcel Energy, Colorado's largest investor-owned utility, after reaching an agreement in principle July 28. The franchise agreement would stipulate that Boulder … Read More

California's grid operator is facing tougher federal scrutiny of its long-running practice of making out-of-market payments to generation units otherwise set to retire, which has been controversial since they are often natural gas-fired power plants. Read More

San Jose Clean Energy and Peninsula Clean Energy in an Aug. 3 news release said they had issued a joint request for offers for the purchase of 1-million MWh per year of new, long-term renewable energy or renewable energy-plus-battery storage resources. Read More

Land-intensive renewable energy projects, despite producing no greenhouse-gas emissions, can still threaten sensitive habitats, interfere with animal migration and impact important water resources, experts told participants during a July 31 webinar hosted by the California Community Choice A… Read More

A committee established in 2019 Colorado legislation laid out a series of recommendations it says will help the state fulfill its "moral commitment" to coal-dependent communities and the approximately 2,200 workers in the industry who are set to lose their jobs by 2030. Read More

President Donald Trump on Aug. 4 signed into law legislation permanently requiring $900 million to be deposited into the Land and Water Conservation Fund each year to be available for the fund's land purchase and conservation purposes without further congressional appropriation. Read More