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Pacific Gas & Electric on Feb. 7 announced that former Alcoa Vice President Francisco Benavides will be the utility's new chief safety officer. Benavides will report directly to PG&E CEO Bill Johnson and will start his position on March 9. He served as vice president of environmental… Read More

Frank Wolak, director of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development at Stanford University, joined Paul Dockery of Clatskanie PUD for the third installation of our "Electric Market Enthusiasm" series. The conversation uses his work on "Long-Term Resource Adequacy in Wholesale Electricity Markets with Significant Intermittent Renewables" and the Energy Market Game to discuss export curtailment, the reliability externality and electric market design elements. Read more

Arizona Public Service customer and ratepayer advocate Stacey Champion said at a Feb. 4 meeting of the Arizona Corporation Commission that more than two years after a controversial rate-case settlement and her subsequent complaint that resulted in an administrative law judge ordering a new r… Read More

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque and the operators of Arizona Public Service's Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station near Phoenix believe the comprehensive system-dynamics analysis software that is helping to save millions of gallons of water each day at the 3.3-GW … Read More