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Project Summary - McClound-Pit

(FERC Project No. 2106)

Built in the mid-1960s, McCloud-Pit has, according to owner PG&E, a "normal capacity" of 364 MW and consists of three dams and powerhouses with a total of six generating units. Average annual output is 1.552 GWh, all of which is used to serve the native load of owner PG&E. Located on the McCloud River in Shasta County, California, the current license expires July 31, 2011. PG&E is using a hybrid of the traditional licensing process for all of its pending projects. The main plant, James B. Black, is a run-of-the-river / storage project with an installed capacity of 169 MW. According to PG&E's 2001 FERC Form 1, James B. Black's expense per net KWh comes to 2.4 mills. The other two dams are Pit 6 (79 MW) and Pit 7 (110 MW), also run-of-river / storage dams. Respectively, PG&E reported their expense per net KWh at 2.6 mills and 2.5 mills.

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