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California Energy Markets
This Week in California Energy Markets
Updated: August 15, 2014
  • Edison Expects SONGS Decommissioning Will Cost Less Than the $4.4 Billion Estimated ...
  • CPUC Approves PG&E Rate Increase ...
  • San Bruno Gets Support in Recusal, Sanction Requests ...
  • Sonoma Clean Power Finalizes Energy Purchase for Second Phase of Rollout ...
Rate-Basing Solar and Storage
Updated: August 8, 2014
The solar industry is not smiling on Arizona Public Service's proposal to rate-base 3,000 rooftop solar panels. It is also likely frowning on a suggestion from former Energy Secretary Steven Chu that utilities get into the solar and storage business.
Clearing Up
This Week in Clearing Up
Updated: August 15, 2014
  • SCL Should Promote CGS Shutdown, City Council Energy Committee Told...
  • OPUC Workshop Narrows Down Models for Voluntary Green Tariff...
  • PacifiCorp, QFs Reach Partial Settlement on Oregon PURPA Contracts...
  • Little Comment on BPA TX Rebuilds; New Hooper Option Shown...
More Evidence, Thoughts on Stagnant Load Growth
Updated: August 8, 2014
I keep coming across information suggesting a fundamental change in the electric utility industry, namely a trend of flattening load growth.
Western Price Survey
Power, Gas Prices Hardly Move
Updated: August 22, 2014
Western energy prices have fallen flat as summer starts to wane. With moderate temperatures, both power and natural gas prices in the West moved nominally in the Aug. 15-22 trading period.

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