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NWF.383/July 2, 2018
BPA's Strategic Plan Prompts Cuts From F&W Program
A handful of contractors with ongoing Bonneville Power Administration fish and wildlife projects were notified June 8 that some of their projects are on the chopping block for fiscal year 2019, which begins in October. Hundreds more found out that the BPA plans to cut a portion of their funds as the agency turns its five-year strategic plan into reality. ...more
Scientists Find New Link Showing Impact of Pink Salmon On Other Species
Scientists say pink salmon are causing a rarely detected "trophic cascade," which serves as one more piece of evidence that other salmon species--including sockeye, Chinook, coho and chum--are greatly impacted during their time in the Pacific Ocean by their smaller, but more abundant, cousin. ...more
House Passes Bill Allowing Agencies, Tribes To Kill Sea Lions
The U.S. House of Representatives voted 288-116 on June 26 to allow tribal and government agencies to kill California and Steller sea lions, if they are endangering salmon-restoration efforts on the Columbia River. ...more
Northern Pike Suppression Proposal Gets $4.5 Million From NWPCC
Acknowledging that nonnative northern pike must be suppressed or eradicated before they make their way down the Columbia River where they can prey on salmon and steelhead, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council agreed June 13 to commit $4.5 million through 2022 to stop their progres-sion at Lake Roosevelt. ...more
With Two Boat Inspection Stations, WDFW Looks To Mussel-Sniffing Dog For Help
It's not a done deal, but Eric Anderson of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has high hopes that by this time next year, the state will own its first invasive mussel-sniffing dog--a move that could help save hundreds of millions of dollars by preventing zebra and quagga mussels from taking hold in the Pacific Northwest. ...more
Lawsuit Seeks To Force EPA Approval Of New Temperature Standard On Snake River
Idaho Power is asking a federal judge to issue an injunction that would force the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to approve a new water temperature standard in a stretch of the Snake River below Hells Canyon Dam for two weeks each fall. ...more
FERC Agrees To Delay Date On Order That Splits Klamath River Dam License
At PacifiCorp's request, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission agreed to delay the effective date on its March 15 order that split the utility's Klamath Project into two licenses, writing in its June 21 order that "PacifiCorp's arguments demonstrate that justice requires a stay." ...more
Federal Judge Finds Warm Springs Tribe Can Be Sued In Deschutes River Case
A federal judge has found the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation is a necessary party in a lawsuit alleging water quality violations have occurred below the Pelton Round Butte hydro project on the Deschutes River, and is not protected by sovereign immunity under the Clean Water Act. ...more
Pend Oreille PUD Settles Dispute Over Turbine Replacement
The Pend Oreille County PUD has resolved a legal dispute with contractor Andritz Hydro over the costs of replacing four turbine units at its Box Canyon Dam in Ione, Wash. ...more
Some Columbia Basin Flows Drop, Prompting Irrigation Curtailments, Drought Plans
May's rapid runoff combined with a lack of precipitation has resulted in forecasts for well-below-normal flows in some areas. Irrigators in the Yakima River basin are preparing for possible curtail-ment of water allocations, while the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is releasing operations and drought plans to affected irrigators in the Klamath Project area. ...more
NOAA Goes To Ecosystem Management, Seeks Public Input
NOAA Fisheries is proposing to take a more holistic view of managing fishing, and is seeking public comment on its West Coast Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management draft plan. The draft plan is part of a nationwide effort to shift from managing single species of fish to considering ecosystem needs, with separate draft plans for each region. ...more

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