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NWF.382/June 4, 2018
Opening Days of Treaty Negotiations 'Very Productive,' U.S. Officials Say
After meeting with Canadian officials in Washington, D.C., on May 29-30 to renegotiate the Columbia River Treaty, the U.S. Department of State announced the next round of discussions will be held Aug. 15-16 in British Columbia. ...more
Snake River Dam Removal Questions Dominate Columbia River Draft EIS Webinar
Questions about removing the Snake River dams dominated a May 30 webinar hosted by federal action agencies updating the public on their progress in developing an environmental impact statement (EIS) for Columbia River System Operations. ...more
FERC Awaits Detailed Plan For Klamath River Dam Removal
In the Klamath River basin, most eyes are on July, when PacifiCorp and the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) plan to file what's known as the "Definite Plan" for removing four of eight dams now operated by PacifiCorp. That filing is expected to include an updated maximum and probable cost estimate, along with a plan for how KRRC will pay if removal and reclamation exceed the $450 million earmarked from PacifiCorp customer surcharges and a California bond. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is also expecting responses to other questions that must be answered before it considers transferring the four lower Klamath River dams to KRRC for removal. ...more
BPA's Fish And Wildlife Costs Plummeted In 2017, Largely From High Runoff
While direct program costs for BPA's fish and wildlife program remained stable in fiscal year 2017, total costs plummeted to $450.4 million, the lowest since 2002 and $170.6 million less than in FY 2016, according to a draft report by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. ...more
High Flows Prompt Efforts To Reduce Dissolved Gas, Fish Trauma At Dams
After finding symptoms of gas bubble trauma in 17 percent of Chinook and steelhead below Bonneville Dam on May 15, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sent more water through turbines first at McNary Dam, and later at John Day to help reduce spill over the dams, and potential impacts to both juvenile and adult fish migrating up and down the Columbia River. ...more
NOAA Fisheries Confirms Plan To Complete BiOp This Year
A spokesman for NOAA Fisheries said federal agencies have decided to undertake and complete a new BiOp for the Columbia River's federal hydro system by the end of 2018. ...more
Northwest Power And Conservation Council Begins Amendment Process For Fish And Wildlife Program
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council sent a "letter to the region" on May 16, calling for recommendations for changing the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program. ...more
Clarifying Briefs Filed In Pelton Round Butte Case
Both plaintiffs and defendants filed briefs May 16 in Oregon's U.S. District Court attempting to clarify whether tribal sovereign immunity is waived in citizen suits allowed by the Clean Water Act, as District Judge Michael Simon continues to weigh whether to dismiss Deschutes River Alliance (DRA) v. Portland General Electric Company (PGE). ...more
Montana Flood Warnings Issued While Northern Snowpack Remains High
An above-average snowpack throughout much of western Montana, northern Idaho and parts of Canada is good news for this summer's water supply throughout the Columbia River Basin. But it also had meant flooding, especially in Montana, where flood warnings were issued in early May for the Clark Fork and Bitterroot rivers near Missoula, and residents were evacuating. ...more

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