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NWF.381/May 7, 2018
No Room For Chinook? An Oceanful Of Pinks, Chum And Sockeye
While fish managers look for ways to boost numbers of migrating fish in the Columbia and Snake rivers, scientists studying overall salmon abundance in the North Pacific Ocean are singing a different tune. ...more
Columbia River Treaty Negotiations Spotlighted At Two Spokane Events
Tribal inclusion. Canadian entitlements. Ecosystem-based function. Those were just a few of the phrases on the lips of panelists, citizens and interest-group representatives speaking at a conference and a town hall meeting in Spokane on April 24 and 25, respectively, on modernizing the Columbia River Treaty. ...more
Ninth Circuit Upholds Spill; Plaintiffs And Defendants React
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court's order to spill more water and juvenile salmon over spillways at eight federal dams, which began on April 3. ...more
House Passes Bill To Keep 2014 BiOp, Halt Spill; Measure's Sponsors, Others React
A bill that would keep the 2014 BiOp in place until 2022 and reverse U.S. District Judge Michael Simon's order to spill more water over eight dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers passed the U.S. House of Representatives April 25 by a vote of 225-189. ...more
CSS Presentation Delves Into Study Of Dam Removal
Up to four times as many salmon and steelhead could return if four Snake River dams were breached and spill at four lower Columbia River dams was increased to 125 percent total dissolved gas, according to modeling results presented at the annual Fish Passage Center meeting April 17. ...more
NW Energy Coalition Commissions Study To Replace Energy From Snake River Dams
A study commissioned by the Northwest Energy Coalition concludes that energy from four lower Snake River dams can be replaced with a combination of solar, wind, energy efficiency and demand response. ...more
Regional Task Force Closes In On Fish Population And Recovery Goals
A regionwide NOAA Fisheries task force that has been meeting for more than a year to define goals for fish recovery in the Columbia River Basin hopes to complete a draft of its work to share with constituents this summer. ...more
Federal Agencies Given Until 2021 To Complete BiOp And EIS Concurrently
U.S. District Judge Michael Simon has agreed to delay the deadline for a new BiOp on the Northwest federal hydro system until 2021, largely granting plaintiffs' request to modify a remand order in National Wildlife Federation et al. v. National Marine Fisheries Service. ...more
Oregon Abandons Sea Lion Relocation Efforts
After relocating 10 California sea lions from below Willamette Falls, only to see them return within a week, Oregon officials decided to abandon those efforts and focus instead on sea lions feasting on salmon and steelhead at the base of Bonneville Dam. That's because they have permission to kill some sea lions at Bonneville, but are still waiting for federal approval of a permit for lethal removal at Willamette Falls. ...more
Fish Managers: Some Concerns, Successes With Columbia Basin White Sturgeon
Fish managers have concerns about white sturgeon numbers, but are finding some success with monitoring and recovering the ancient species that has populated the Columbia River Basin for at least 100 million years. ...more
'Fast and Furious' Runoff Expected In Parts Of Columbia River Basin
A good snowpack that's ripe for melting, combined with forecasts for warmer-than-average temperatures this month, will likely cause rapid snowmelt and the potential for flooding throughout portions of the Columbia River Basin, water supply forecasters say. ...more
Judge To Hear Dismissal Requests, New Motions Filed In Lawsuit Against PGE
A U.S. District Court judge in Portland will hear oral arguments May 9 on motions by Portland General Electric and the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon to dismiss a lawsuit filed in 2016 by Deschutes River Alliance. The lawsuit, Deschutes River Alliance v. Portland General Electric Company, claims PGE has routinely exceeded clean water limits for pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen at its Pelton Round Butte hydroelectric project. ...more
ISAB Offers Ideas To Strengthen NWPCC's Fish And Wildlife Program
The Independent Scientific Advisory Board complimented the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's work to improve salmon passage at mainstem dams, protect over 44,000 miles of river, create high quality habitat for wild and natural-origin fish, remove barriers for anadromous fish, and engage the public in its processes. ...more

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