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NWF.368/April 3, 2017
Court Orders More Spill, Allows Spending At Lower Snake River Dams
U.S. District Judge Michael Simon ordered federal agencies to spill more water at Columbia and Snake river dams next spring to protect juvenile salmon and steelhead. The judge's March 27 decision, however, stopped short of banning capital spending at four lower Snake River dams. ...more
Adult Coho Expected To Return To Grande Ronde Basin By Fall 2018
Coho are now in the Grande Ronde basin after a 30-year absence. In March the Nez Perce Tribe and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife released a half-million juvenile coho into Lostine River, a Grande Ronde tributary in northeastern Oregon. ...more
Hatchery Fish Released Early To Avoid High Gas Levels From Dworshak Dam
Dworshak and Clearwater hatcheries in the Snake River Basin reluctantly released juvenile Chinook and steelhead starting March 20, several weeks earlier than normal. The decision was forced by a combination of high runoff and a major turbine repair resulting in large volumes of water spilled at Dworshak Dam. ...more
Scientists OK Six Large Columbia Basin Habitat Projects, With Caveats
The Independent Scientific Review Panel said six major habitat projects that are part of the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Program met scientific-review criteria, with qualifications. The ISRP presented its findings at the Northwest Power and Conservation Council meeting March 14. ...more
NASA Tests Snow-Sensing Technologies To Improve Water Supply Forecasts
Accurately measuring how much snow is on the ground and how water is stored in that snow is still a challenge for scientists. NASA is working on changing that. Earlier this year, the agency announced it had completed its first flights in a multi-year research effort to ascertain which technologies work best to measure snow in different conditions. ...more
Groups To Sue Corps Over Hatchery Effects On Wild Steelhead In Willamette River Basin
Alleging hatchery summer steelhead are preventing recovery of Willamette River wild winter steelhead, two conservation groups notified the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers they would be suing within 60 days. ...more
NW Power Council Cost Savings For 2016 Is $652,000
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council's Cost Savings Workgroup identified $651,915 in fish and wildlife savings in 2016. The Council has reallocated cost savings to fund Fish and Wildlife Program's emerging priorities. ...more
PGE Loses Bid To Dismiss Suit Over Deschutes River Water Quality
Upholding a state's authority to enforce water-quality standards, U.S. District Judge Michael Simon ruled March 27 against Portland General Electric's request to dismiss a suit brought by the Deschutes River Alliance. ...more
Sea Lions Ate Lots Of Salmonids In Bonneville Pool In Early 2016
California and Steller sea lions took the largest portion of the spring Chinook and steelhead runs in 2016 since the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began documenting sea lion presence and consumption in the Columbia River. ...more
Nez Perce Tribal Member Jaime Pinkman New CRITFC Executive Director
Nez Perce tribal member Jaime Pinkman became the 10th executive director of the 40-year old Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. ...more

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