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NWF.366/February 6, 2017
Oregon and Conservation Groups File For Injunction
Conservation and fishing groups and the State of Oregon have asked for an injunction to increase spring spill at Columbia and Snake River dams and to postpone capital investments on 11 projects at four lower Snake River dams. ...more
BuRec, Riverkeeper Agree To Settlement Over Grand Coulee Oil Pollutants
Columbia Riverkeeper and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation agreed Jan. 19 to settle a lawsuit that would end oil pollution from Grand Coulee Dam. ...more
FERC May Approve Conflicting Fish-Passage Terms In Hells Canyon License
FERC could approve a new license for Idaho Power's 1,167-MW Hells Canyon Complex with conflicting requirements for fish passage and reintroduction, based on a recent order. ...more
Study Shows Transported Snake River Chinook Prone To Straying
Adult Chinook barged as juveniles are more prone to straying than those that migrated in-river as juveniles, according to research published Dec. 2 by Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. Straying--not homing to the spawning areas or hatcheries where the fish were born--can seriously reduce natal populations. ...more
Water Supply Predictions For Columbia Basin Show North and South Divide
The Northwest River Forecast Center is currently forecasting normal to slightly below- normal water supply for the northern portion of the Columbia basin but normal to well above-normal water supply for the southern portion. ...more
Fewer Columbia River Salmon, Smelt Returns Expected This Spring
Last year was a mediocre year for spring Chinook and sockeye, and the 2017 returns are expected to be even smaller, according to forecasts from the Northwest Fisheries Science Center and the Technical Advisory Committee. ...more
PGE And Tribe Say 2016 Sockeye Returns To Deschutes River Were Native
Sockeye returning to the Deschutes River Basin appear to be native fish, according to the results of genetic testing performed by Portland General Electric and the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon. ...more
Hatchery BiOp Says Changes Slated For Fish Production In Columbia Basin
Some Columbia Basin hatcheries would need to reduce salmon and steelhead production, while others may see increases, says a new biological opinion released Jan. 15 by NOAA Fisheries. ...more
Study: With Low Flows, High Spills Provide Most Significant Fish Benefits
Evaluating the impact of four simulated-spill alternatives on the population recovery of spring/summer Chinook to 2050, the 2016 Comparative Survival Study (CSS) predicted benefits from increasing spill levels at all levels of flow, but most significantly at low flows. ...more
Power Council Releases Report On Fish Passage At High-Head Dams
A new paper by staff of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, "A Review of Fish Passage Technologies at High-Head Dams," is now available. ...more
Columbia Basin Research Plan Updated And Awaits Public Input
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council is ready to take public comments on its Draft Research Plan for the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program, the Council announced Jan. 17. ...more
Washington Hydro-Plant Owner Agrees To Habitat Conservation Plan
Electron Hydro told federal regulators last month it will prepare a habitat conservation plan (HCP) to address the "upgrades and operations" needed to bring the 113-year-old, 26-MW Electron hydroelectric project on Washington's Puyallup River into compliance with the Endangered Species Act. ...more
NorthWestern Operators Restore Fish Flows In Severe Winter Conditions
Nearly a dozen NorthWestern Energy personnel braved difficult conditions to restore minimum flows on the Madison River in southwest Montana after high winds caused a 100-kV power line to break, which caused a trip at the 9-MW Madison Dam powerhouse. ...more

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