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NWF.363/November 7, 2016
Columbia River Fall Chinook Return In Lower Numbers Than Predicted
For more than a month, the U.S. v. Oregon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has been lowering its forecast for adult fall Chinook returning to the Columbia River, to the point where managers curtailed fishing. Upriver brights, usually one of the strongest runs of Columbia River fall Chinook, is now expected to be only 71 percent of the preseason forecast. ...more
Klamath Parties Make Formal Filings To Transfer, Remove Klamath Dams
FERC received filings Sept. 23 marking the first formal step to remove the four Klamath Hydroelectric Project dams. One is an application to transfer the project license from PacifiCorp to the Klamath River Renewal Corporation and the other is KRRC's application to surrender the license and remove project works from the river starting in 2020. Three dams are in California, while one is in Oregon. ...more
Chum Salmon Operations Start On The Columbia River
While the annual chum operation officially began Nov. 1, federal dam operators began working with the interagency Technical Management Team in late October on plans to maintain a tailwater elevation of 11.5-12.5 feet at Bonneville Dam to protect chum salmon spawning and the resulting redds. ...more
Proposed Snake River Chinook And Steelhead Recovery Plan Released
Recovery of Snake River spring/summer Chinook and steelhead will take 50-100 years, according to NOAA Fisheries' new plan released Oct. 27. The Snake River has historically produced more than 40 percent of all Columbia River spring and summer Chinook, along with more than half of the basin's summer steelhead. ...more
Study Of Willamette River Chinook Says Above-Dam Reintroduction A Success
A study published in May by the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences says that with a little human assistance, natural production of fish can be restored to areas above some dams. The study examined the genetic origin of adult spring Chinook returning to Foster Dam in Oregon's Willamette River Basin. ...more
Deschutes River Alliance Disputes PGE Claim Of Sole FERC CWA Jurisdiction
Portland General Electric contended in a Sept. 30 filing that the U.S. District Court lacks jurisdiction in a case involving alleged Clean Water Act violations below the Pelton-Round Butte Hydroelectric project, and asked District Judge Michael Simon to dismiss the suit, brought by the Deschutes River Alliance. ...more
Mitchell Act Hatchery BiOps Scheduled For Completion By January 2017
A status report filed Oct. 3 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon said NOAA Fisheries was making progress toward completing biological opinions and incidental-take statements for 10 Columbia River hatcheries funded under the Mitchell Act. ...more
Reappearance Of La Niña And The Blob Has NW Weather, Fish Implications
The combined ocean and atmospheric system reflected ENSO-neutral in September, meaning neither El Niño nor La Niña, but the trends now clearly lean towards La Niña conditions, the Climate Prediction Center said Oct. 13. ...more
Drones Proving Useful In Fish And Wildlife Management
If you're out hunting mushrooms or mammals or otherwise enjoying the outdoors this fall, and you hear a buzzing sound, it could be a drone photographing salmon redds. Fish and wildlife agencies and some utilities are increasingly using the unmanned flying technology as a useful tool for resource management and restoration. ...more
Public Comments Sought On Several Pending Decisions
Comments are sought regarding the EIS for Columbia River system operations, an eulachon draft recovery and extending ESA protections to certain hatchery stocks. ...more

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