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NWF.362/October 3, 2016
Upper River Spring Chinook Only Columbia ESA Fish Not Trending Up
Of 13 listed salmonid species in the Columbia River Basin, only upper Columbia River natural-origin spring Chinook show "no statistically significant upward trend in abundance," wrote Stacy Horton, the Washington state policy analyst for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, in a memo introducing a Sept. 13 panel presentation. ...more
Analysis: How Might The Columbia's Hydro System Be Altered To Strengthen Fish Rebuilding?
With an upcoming new FCRPS BiOp, a new EIS and eventually an updated Columbia River Treaty, the region has an opportunity to retool the Columbia/Snake river power system to make it more compatible with the needs of fish while maintaining current beneficial uses. Here we look at what advocates on various sides of the issue have to say about potential changes to the hydro system as they gear up for public meetings beginning this fall in the Northwest. ...more
Upriver Returns Of Fall Chinook OK, But Coho And Steelhead Lagging
The technical committee that advises Columbia River harvest managers is projecting a fall Chinook return to the river mouth of 802,200 adult fish, about 84 percent of the preseason forecast. The 2006-2015 average return is 705,600 adult fall Chinook. For steelhead, the new projections aren't so good. ...more
What Goes Up Must Come Down, Or Not--Latest Climate Predictions
The chances of a colder, wetter winter in 2016-2017 have dimmed, NOAA forecasters have decided. After months of an official La Niña watch, the agency's Climate Prediction Center says chances for La Niña conditions have fallen. ...more
Council Agrees To Fund Programs To Control Predatory Fish Populations
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council on Sept. 14 approved funds for programs to control populations of two predacious fish species--northern pikeminnow and northern pike. ...more
Oil Spilled At Dworshak Dam Contained
An estimated 10 to 20 gallons of turbine lubricant accidentally spilled Sept. 19 into the Clearwater River during work on Dworkshak Dam's Unit 3. ...more
Thom Is New NOAA Regional Leader, Norman Appointed To Power Council, Wilson Hired By Snake River Alliance
Barry Thom has been selected as the new regional administrator for NOAA Fisheries, The current administrator, Will Stelle, will transition to a senior advisor position with NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan. ...more
Draft Report To Congress On Power And Fish Available For Comment
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council is taking comments through Dec. 13 on a FY 2016 draft report to Congress. ...more

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