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NWF.360/August 1, 2016
2016 Looking OK For Columbia Sockeye, Chinook Returns
Ocean conditions and last year's jack counts indicated a less-than-stellar year for salmon and steelhead returns in the Columbia River Basin. But now it looks like 2016 may be a pretty good year for sockeye and most Chinook stocks. ...more
Judge Simon Gives BiOp Defendants Five Years For EIS
U.S. District Judge Michael Simon decided July 6 to allow federal agencies nearly five years to complete an EIS on the Federal Columbia River Power System. The EIS will support a proposed new BiOp, along with reasonable and prudent alternatives. ...more
Council Looks At Past Efforts Before Preparing Fish RM&E Plan
In summarizing recent spending on research, monitoring and evaluation, Tom Karier, a Washington member of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, told colleagues at a July 13 meeting that high spending on critical uncertainties doesn't guarantee progress. ...more
Environmental Group Sues BPA, Corps, BuRec Over Bull Trout Habitat
The Alliance for the Wild Rockies sued three federal agencies July 12 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon, claiming the agencies have failed to complete biological assessments on 26 dams they manage in critical bull trout habitat in the Columbia River Basin. ...more
Council Drafts White Paper on Fish Passage at High-Head Dams
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has released a draft white paper evaluating fish-passage methods that might be used at high-head dams at Chief Joseph, Grand Coulee and other hydroelectric dams in the Columbia River Basin. ...more
EIS Process Started For U.S. v. Oregon Post-2017 Harvest Actions
NOAA Fisheries and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on July 1 announced their to prepare an environmental impact statement to review harvest actions related to a post-2017 U.S. v. Oregon Management Plan. ...more
Idaho Power Starts Project To Improve Water Quality In Middle Snake River
Idaho Power has launched efforts to rehabilitate a stretch of the Snake River with slack water, excessive nutrients from agricultural runoff, high temperatures and generally poor water quality. The utility is working with The Freshwater Trust, an Oregon/Idaho-based nonprofit with experience in river restoration. ...more
NOAA Fisheries Seeks Nominations For Columbia Basin Partnership
NOAA Fisheries is accepting nominations for members of an advisory task force on establishing long-term goals for salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River Basin. The announcement said the task force will provide input for development of quantitative goals for the basin's salmon and steelhead. ...more
Puget Sound Fisheries Opened But Not Before Things Got Ugly
Sport fishing in areas of Puget Sound that had been delayed due to a dispute between tribal and state fish managers opened July 1. Harvest regulations and protections for Puget Sound coho and Chinook listed under the Endangered Species Act were the hot-button issues. ...more
Executive Director Paul Lumley Leaves CRITFC
After seven years as the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission's executive director, Paul Lumley has resigned to take the top leadership post at a Native American social services organization. ...more

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