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NWF.359/July 5, 2016
Columbia Basin Fish, Hydro Managers Eye Rising Water Temps
Operators at Dworshak Dam started augmenting flows June 27 to prevent water temperatures at Lower Granite Dam, on the lower Snake River, from exceeding 67 degrees. ...more
BuRec Sued Over Oil Pollutants From Grand Coulee Dam
Columbia Riverkeeper filed a lawsuit June 29 against the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation that is designed, the plaintiff said, "to end uncontrolled toxic oil pollution from Grand Coulee" and bring the agency's dam operations into compliance with the Clean Water Act. ...more
FPC: Federal Dam Fishway Temperatures Longstanding Problem
Water temperatures in fishways and forebays of dams in the Federal Columbia River Power System have routinely exceeded 68 degrees for extended periods of time, according to the Fish Passage Center. ...more
Feds Want 5 Years to Study Columbia River Hydro Options
A comprehensive, systemwide EIS on Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS) operations and fish recovery will take at least five years to complete, according to a June 3 court filing. ...more
Plaintiffs Say Do BiOp And EIS In 2-1/2 Years
The National Wildlife Federation, State of Oregon and Nez Perce Tribe say two-and-a-half years is enough time to develop both an EIS and a new biological opinion for the Federal Columbia River Power System. ...more
Sea Lions Eat Record Number Of Salmon And Steelhead In Columbia
This year's sea lion seafood banquet is over, and a bountiful feast it was. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reported that between Jan. 1 and May 31, 2016, California and Steller sea lions ate an estimated 9,000 adult Chinook and steelhead in the Columbia River at--and downstream of--Bonneville Dam. ...more
Court Says Washington Must Make Culverts Salmon-Friendly
The State of Washington must speed up its repair of salmon-bearing culverts in Western Washington, according to a June 27 ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. ...more
BPA And Spokane Tribe Sign Off On New 20-Year Hatchery Agreement
BPA and its ratepayers have agreed to support the Spokane Tribal Hatchery for another 20 years, the federal agency announced June 2. ...more
Libby Flows Boosted Last Month For Columbia Basin Sturgeon Mitigation
Beginning May 13, water managers in the upper Columbia River Basin augmented flows from Libby Dam in Montana to enhance spawning and migration conditions for endangered white sturgeon in the Kootenai River near Bonners Ferry, Idaho. ...more
Niners Says Albeni Falls Dam Can Revert To Flexible Winter Power Ops
A 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel on June 21 denied a request to review BPA's decision to change how Albeni Falls Dam in the upper Columbia River Basin operates during winter months. ...more
Judge Discards Motion On Alleged Factual Errors In BiOp Opinion
U.S. District Judge Michael Simon has denied a motion by Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association to correct factual errors in his May 4 opinion on the 2014 BiOp and the Federal Columbia River Power System. ...more

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