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NWF.350/October 5, 2015
Some Fish Returns Down Despite Cooler Water
This year's fall Chinook run on the Columbia River is on schedule to tally more than a million fish, making it one of the larger runs in recent history. However, as of mid-September, upriver run sizes for coho and steelhead have been below preseason forecasts. While it's too early for biologists to speculate on what may be causing the smaller-than-anticipated returns, the fish are no longer hampered by warm water temperatures. ...more
Fall Leaves And Summer Steelhead: A Trip Down The Klick
The summer steelhead run on the Klickitat River in central Washington is one of the great success stories in Northwest fishery management. Once fished to the brink, the number of returning wild fish has passed NOAA recovery levels, while a managed hatchery program has created a robust tribal and sport fishery. ...more
Panel Says F&W Program Needs Long-Term Cost Planning
The Independent Economic Analysis Board has recommended changes to long-term cost planning for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's Fish and Wildlife Program to reflect how the program has evolved over the past three decades. ...more
Three Programs Try To Restore Sockeye Runs Against The Odds
In the Cle Elum, Deschutes, and Snake river basins, fish agencies, tribes, an IOU and their partners are trying to bring back the sockeye. This year's unexpected sockeye losses highlighted differences among the three restoration programs, and the differing approaches for coping with scarcity. ...more
NOAA: El Niño 'Bruce Lee' To Persist, Could Chop Region's Water Supply
Below-normal precipitation is forecast for the Northwest, including most of Montana, during the next three months. The Northwest Climate Prediction Center also says the three-month outlook for California, except for the state's northern quarter, is "equal chances" for above-average, below-average and normal precipitation. ...more
Recovery Plan For Region's Bull Trout Is Official
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a final bull trout recovery plan Sept. 30, more than 15 years after the fish was designated as protected. ...more
Columbia River Fall Chinook Once Again Wow
The Columbia River's upriver bright fall Chinook run and the combined lower and upper river fall Chinook run will each be the second-largest on record since Bonneville Dam was completed in 1938, according to the Technical Advisory Committee. The total adult fall Chinook return to Lower Granite Dam may also be the largest since construction of Lower Granite Dam in the 1970s. ...more

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