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NWF.345/April 23, 2015
NMFS Will Review Status Of Snake Fall Chinook
NMFS has filed a notice in the Federal Register that announced the agency will conduct a status review of Snake fall Chinook, after receiving a petition for delisting the ESU earlier this year. ...more
Spring Chinook Run Shows Up Early
With river temperatures in early April running 3 degrees warmer than average, many more spring Chinook have shown up at Bonneville Dam than Columbia Basin harvest managers usually expected. ...more
NOAA: El Niño Likely To Last Through Next Fall
NOAA's Climate Prediction Center says the current El Niño, declared in early March, has a 70-percent chance of persisting through the summer, and a 60-percent chance to make it through next fall. ...more
Bird Lovers Start Litigation Over Corps' Cormorant Plan
The Audubon Society of has started litigation to block the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' plan to shoot thousands of salmon-eating cormorants in the lower Columbia River region, the environmental group announced April 14. ...more
BiOp Plaintiffs File Last Arguments Before Court Faceoff
Plaintiffs in the seemingly eternal litigation over the hydro BiOp got their latest chance April 6 to take on recent federal filings that defended the government's salmon plan. In a series of fresh filings in U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon, the plaintiffs used more declarations to delve into the particulars of scientific disagreements with the federal analyses to hammer home one of their main points--that after more than a decade of both past actions and more current ones, fish-survival improvements predicted by NOAA have not appeared. ...more
'Spill Bill' Gets Hearing In Oregon Senate, But Goes Nowhere
The Oregon Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources considered a bill earlier this month that would require all major fish and wildlife policy decisions to be approved by the state Fish and Wildlife Commission. It's a result of the state's ongoing litigation over the hydro BiOp as an intervenor-plaintiff, which includes a call for increasing spill at dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers, a proposed action strongly supported by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. ...more
NW Delegation Asks Obama To Make Treaty Decision
All 26 members of Congress from the four Northwest states wrote President Obama April 14 calling on the administration to speed up a decision on Columbia River Treaty recommendations. ...more
PFMC Sets Ocean Harvest Seasons
While some West Coast fish managers are fretting about the tough ocean conditions facing juvenile migrants this year, others are crowing about the great adult returns they expect to show up. With strong returns predicted for the Columbia, Sacramento, and Klamath rivers, both commercial and recreational fishermen should be getting more fish to catch than last year. ...more

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