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NWF.340/December 18, 2014
Strong Columbia Chinook Runs Expected In 2015
Columbia Basin harvest managers are expecting most salmon runs in the coming year to be similar to 2014's excellent numbers, according to a preliminary prediction forecast sheet released Dec. 12. ...more
Enviros Challenge Corps Over Lower Snake Dredging
Environmental groups have filed a motion in Western Washington District Court to stop the Corps of Engineers from dredging the navigation channel in the lower Snake River near Lewiston, Idaho, where just last month, a towboat went aground while maneuvering two barges. ...more
BiOp Plaintiffs File Motion For Summary Judgment
In their latest filing, long-time opponents of the federal government's plan for boosting salmon runs have gone back to square one in their fight to have the 2014 hydro BiOp thrown out. The Dec. 16 motion for summary judgment reiterates what they found wrong in previous BiOps, including reliance on speculative benefits from habitat restoration, and an "illegal" jeopardy standard the feds cobbled together in previous BiOps, but never really declared illegal in any previous rulings. ...more
Natural Fish Rule At Redfish Lake
More than 600 sockeye redds were counted in Idaho's Redfish Lake this year, and most were dug by natural-origin sockeye that returned in record numbers, the latest sign that the program to restore them is on track. ...more
Chances of El Niño Getting Stronger
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology announced Dec. 16 that it has bumped up the chance of an El Niño to at least 70 percent from even odds. The Bureau's latest update said the tropical Pacific remains close to El Niño thresholds, "with a number of countries around the Pacific Ocean basin and further afield showing some El Niño-like impacts in recent months." ...more
Changing Climate May Move Fish Populations North
An article in the in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Progress in Oceanography, suggests that the range of many West Coast fish species may move further north by 2050, as the Pacific Ocean warms in coming decades. ...more
Power Council Discusses Returning Fish Above Coulee
At last week's meeting of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, its F&W committee began preliminary discussion about reintroducing salmon stocks to the Columbia River above Grand Coulee Dam. ...more

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