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NWF.339/November 21, 2014
BiOp Progress Report Says Goals Are On Track
Northwest Action Agencies say they're on track to meet BiOp goals in hydro performance, habitat quality improvements, predator management, and hatchery actions by 2018, but a few glitches have occurred on the way. ...more
Big Eats In The Estuary
NOAA Fisheries researchers are having a hard time believing their preliminary findings indi-cating that sea lions in the Columbia River estuary may be eating nearly half of the spring Chinook run before it reaches Bonneville Dam. ...more
B.C. Salmon Get Clean Bill Of Health
After testing more than 8,000 samples from all wild salmon and steelhead species in British Columbia waters, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has found no sign of the dreaded in-fectious salmon anemia (ISA) virus in any of them, the agency announced Nov. 10. ...more
Corps Calls For Comment On Willamette Trib Fix
The Corps of Engineers is calling for public comment on its plan to improve its adult fish col-lection facility at Fall Creek Dam, one of the agency's flood control projects in the Willamette Basin. The draft environmental assessment says the proposed upgrade is part of the NMFS Willamette BiOp to improve wild ESA-listed salmonids in that basin. ...more
NOAA Reduces Chance Of El Niño A Bit
NOAA's Climate Prediction Center has whittled down the chance of an El Niño from 65 percent to 58 percent. ...more
Enviros Challenge CGS's New Waste Discharge Permit
Several environmental groups filed a lawsuit Oct. 30 in Thurston County Superior Court against Washington's Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council, which issued a water pollution permit Sept. 30 for Energy Northwest's Columbia Generating Station, the state's only nuke plant. ...more
New Research On Sockeye Routes
Research tracking the juvenile migration of many different sockeye populations has identified migrating Columbia River sockeye stocks using DNA identification techniques. ...more

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