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NWF.338/October 23, 2014
New F&W Program Gets Go-Ahead
After a lengthy process, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council voted Oct. 8 to adopt the newest revisions to its ongoing BPA-funded fish and wildlife program for the Columbia Basin. It's an exercise that takes place every five years, as mandated by the Northwest Power Act. ...more
Snake River Coho Setting New Record
A program funded by the Pacific Salmon Recovery Fund to reintroduce coho salmon into Idaho's Clearwater River is paying off in a big way. ...more
Questions Over NOAA's Latest Juvenile Survival Analysis
NOAA Fisheries' researchers say preliminary analysis of PIT-fat survival data estimates that the 49.7 percent juvenile spring Chinook through the hydro system in 2014 was nearly equal to the long-term average of 50.1 percent, and the eleventh highest of the past 16 years. ...more
Kitzhaber Responds To Netters' Concerns
Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber sent a letter to the commissioners of the state's fish and wildlife agency and to its acting director Curt Melcher on Sept. 26, asking them to see if the economic assumptions of the state's harvest reform plan are holding up. ...more
Weak El Niño May Still Show Soon
The tropical Pacific has been warmer than average for the past six months, but is still below El Niño levels, said Australia's Bureau of Meteorology in an Oct. 21 ENSO update. They said only weak atmosphere-ocean coupling has appeared to take place so far, but the warm water is not expected to cool anytime soon. ...more

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