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NWF.337/October 2, 2014
2014 Snake Fall Chinook Run Beating Last Year's Record
The Columbia River fall Chinook may run out of gas before it catches up with 2013's record run, but returns on the lower Snake River are running into new record territory. ...more
Snake Sockeye Set New Record
By Sept. 25, 1,443 sockeye had returned to the fish trap at Redfish Lake and another 34 to Sawtooth Hatchery, which cracked the recent record 1,100 set in 2011, and a huge improvement over the past two years, when returns never quite reached 300 fish. But that is a far cry from 2007, when only 4 sockeye returned. A year later, 650 showed up, and returns have never been below three digits since. ...more
PNW Warming Trend Mostly Natural, Says New Study
Up to 1 degree Celcius of the West Coast's warming trend in air temperatures over the last 100 years can be attributed to natural variations in wind and ocean circulation patterns, says a new study released last week in the latest Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ...more
Seattle Judge Dismisses Challenge To State's Water Quality Process
U.S. District Court Judge John Coughenour ruled Sept. 18 against several environmental and fishing groups who argued that EPA should set new water quality standards, including a fish consumption rate for Washington state because its own Department of Ecology was taking too long to complete the process. ...more
Oregon Joins Other Plaintiffs In BiOp Lawsuit
The state of Oregon announced Sept. 24 that it will join other plaintiff groups in the next round of litigation over the hydro BiOp in federal district court. ...more
Sea Lion Predation On Salmon Up At Dam
California and Steller sea lions were estimated to have consumed about 2 percent of the spring Chinook run at Bonneville Dam in 2014, says the Corps of Engineers' final pinniped report of the year, released Sept. 16. That added up to 4,746 fish. The report noted their consumption was higher than the past three years, but lower than the period 2008-2010. ...more
New Zealand Mudsnails Invade Mid-Columbia Hatchery
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is working to contain the spread of tiny, invasive mudsnails at Ringold Hatchery near Richland, Wash. The mudsnails were found at the hatchery in late August, along the banks of the Columbia River near the hatchery, and in the spring that supplies water to the facility. ...more

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