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NWF.336/September 11, 2014
Fall Run Storms Over Bonneville; New One-Day Record!
With river temperatures declining slowly from their summer highs, the fall Chinook count at Bonneville Dam really began to take off. On Sept. 2, more than 21,000 fall Chinook were counted, finally showing some evidence that a record number of fish may be coming back after all. On Sept. 3, nearly 25,000 showed, nearly three times the Aug. 31 count. ...more
El Niño Chance Is Still 50-50, Say Australians
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology said Aug. 26 that the chance of an El Niño has stayed in the 50-percent range since last month, down from 70 percent in July, noting that four of seven climate models said one is still likely by next winter. ...more
NOAA Releases Final Columbia Basin Hatchery EIS
In a process that began ten years ago, NOAA Fisheries released Sept. 4 its final EIS on the operation of Mitchell Act hatcheries in the Columbia Basin, and has picked a preferred alternative for reducing their impacts on wild fish. A draft EIS unveiled in 2010 garnered much critical comment, but contained no preferred alternative. ...more
Corps Will Apply For Pollutant Discharge Permits At Dams
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the first time will manage eight hydroelectric facilities on the Columbia and Snake rivers in accordance with the Clean Water Act, according to a landmark settlement announced this week with the environmental watchdog Columbia Riverkeeper. ...more
Chelan Approves Repair Plan For Rocky Reach Turbines
Chelan County PUD will return four turbines at Rocky Reach Dam to variable-blade operation that have been temporarily running in fixed-blade mode. ...more
BPA Takes Comment On Idaho Wildlife Mitigation Deal
Bonneville is asking its constituents to comment on a draft $37-million memorandum of agreement with the State of Idaho that would fund federal habitat mitigation obligations for wildlife in southern Idaho, while providing ecosystem benefits for resident fish. ...more

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